What Motivates and Inspires You to Be Active?

What inspires and motivates you to be active?  Is it a cause (ie. a cure for breast cancer), a view, a new outfit one size smaller, a triathlon training group, running group, warm weather, achieving a personal best, promoting a healthy family environment?

We all have things that inspire and motivate us to be active.  We’d love to hear from you and find out what makes you motivated to be active.  Post your comments and pictures here on our blog, on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/GeoPalz, Tweet it to us, @geopalz or find us on instagram (geopalz) and use the #beactive.  You have until 11:59 pm on Friday April 25th to let us know what motivates and inspires you to be active.  On Monday April 28th we’ll randomly choose a winner for a family pack of ibitz Wireless Pedometers (up to 6 devices).

Some of the things that motivate us here at GeoPalz are the views in our town (as pictured above), promoting healthy family environments and the desire to eat cake once in a while.  One GeoPalz employee said, “my husband as we love going to the gym together (or taking extra long walks).  My dogs have so much energy it gives me motivation to take them for long runs.  My son who wants to go get ice cream or cheesecake so hitting the gym first makes me feel less guilty about the calories. And of course, when my jeans feel just a bit too tight, I know its time to park a little further and work just a little bit longer in the gym.”  Statistics show that having a goal increases the likelihood and intensity of your workouts.  Creating both short and long term goals can help motivate you to be active.  Not having a goal for your workouts or activity is like going to the grocery store without a list (which I am often guilty of).  There are lots of great resources out there to help you achieve goals and motivate you to stay active.  Runner’s World Magazine online has lots of great tips, not just for running. A great online resource for keeping families and kids active and motivated is the Let’s Move Active Families page.

Here are a few activities and steps from that page that you and your family can consider to get started on a path to a healthier lifestyle:

  • Give children toys that encourage physical activity like balls, kites, and jump ropes.
  • Encourage children to join a sports team or try a new physical activity.
  • Limit TV time and keep the TV out of a child’s bedroom.
  • Facilitate a safe walk to and from school a few times a week.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Walk around the block after a meal.
  • Make a new house rule: no sitting still during television commercials.
  • Find time to spend together doing a fun activity: family park day, swim day or bike day.
  • Issue a family challenge to see who can be the first to achieve a Presidential Active Lifestyle Award by committing to physical activity five days a week, for six weeks. Adults and children can both receive the award!
  • Talk to your children’s principal or write a letter to your district superintendent to incorporate more physical education in schools.
  • Encourage schools to hold recess prior to lunch to increase physical activity before mealtime.
  • Volunteer to help with afterschool physical activity programs or sports teams.
  • Be sure that children get the sleep they need. Most children under age five need to sleep for 11 hours or more per day, children age five to 10 need 10 hours of sleep or more per day, and children over age 10 need at least nine hours per day.
  • Learn how engaging in outside activities can be fun and affordable for families through Let’s Move Outside, which promotes a range of healthy outdoor activities for children and families across the country.
 We’d love to hear from you so post your comments and pictures here on our blog, on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/GeoPalz, Tweet it to us, @geopalz or find us on instagram (geopalz) and use the #beactive.  You have until 11:59 pm on Friday April 25th to let us know what motivates and inspires you to be active.  On Monday April 28th we’ll randomly choose a winner for a family pack of ibitz Wireless Pedometers (up to 6 devices).

Meet the GeoPalz Team

Have you ever wondered who are the people behind GeoPalz?  Well here we are.  From left to right in the picture, Esteban, developer, Sarah, marketing, Rich, co-founder and CEO, Jennifer, sales/customer support, Zan, co-founder and COO.

At GeoPalz we are focussed on providing our customers with a superior experience from purchase of the device to setting up the device to using our interactive website and iOS apps.

We are a small team focussed on big things, like helping kids and families get and stay ACTIVE!  With our ibitz Wireless Pedometers Kids and Families can track each other’s data in the ibitz Unity iOS App.  An adult can set themselves up in the adult app and add their kids or students, athletes, etc. and track their steps, distance and calories burned.  Then the kids can also use our interactive rewards platform where the kids can earn adult directed rewards or exclusive content and digital coins through Disney’s Club Penguin.

With our GeoPalz Classic pedometers kids can log their steps on our website and earn prizes from our prize wall including balls, frisbees and game time on our online arcade.  If you have an ibitz Wireless Pedometer you can also log in to our geopalz.com website with your ibitz username and password and see your prize wall including what Club Penguin unlockables you have earned along with arcade time and more!

For more information on our GeoPalz Classic Pedometers visit geopalz.com and for more information on our ibitz Wireless Pedometers visit ibitz.com.


Earn Club Penguin Rewards with Your ibitz Kid Wireless Pedometer!


Did you know with the purchase of ANY ibitz Kid Wireless Pedometer your child can earn Club Penguin coins and exclusive content?  They also get a FREE 14 day trial membership to Club Penguin.  Simply put their Club Penguin username in the rewards section of the ibitz kids app.  If they don’t have a Club Penguin account they can create one for free and use the 14 day free trial membership to access the paid membership area.  Club Penguin is always coming out with fun ways to engage kids on their site.  Their latest way is through a Muppets world featured in the picture above.  Click here to see more about this world.

These are the exclusive rewards kids can earn.

At GeoPalz we saw kids, our own kids even, spending too much time on devices and less time running around and being active.  The ibitz Kid Wireless Pedometer allows kids to have the best of both worlds.  With their steps they are rewarded by the very things they love to do.  Within our kids app there is a parent directed rewards platform where they can earn these Club Penguin rewards along with customized rewards that suit your family (ie. after 10,000 steps they earn 30 min of screen time, playtime with Mom or Dad, after 100,000 a trip to the zoo, etc.).

Visit our other site www.ibitz.com for more information on the ibitz pedometers and how you can get your hands on one!

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Visit our booth at AAHPERD!

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Recent studies show only 10% of kids are getting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day.

GeoPalz has created a solution to motivate kids to find a balance between physical activity and screen time. ibitz Kid and Adult Wireless Pedometers.

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We look forward to seeing you in St. Louis!