iBitz Encourages Physical Activity for Kids

We can’t help but be excited about our new fitness product for the entire family. Ibitz uses two specialized apps to encourage physical activity for both parents and kids! Parents use the Unity app to monitor the entire family’s health wirelessly all in one place. Kids use the PowerKey app to unlock games through their physical activity and by taking care of a virtual GeoBotz character.

GeoBotz Virtual Pet

The GeoBotz characters are fun loving virtual pets that encourage your children to lead a healthy lifestyle. GeoBotz’ direct health and well being are determined by your child’s physical activity. If your little one hasn’t logged enough steps for the day, the GeoBot will be tired and sluggish. The GeoBot will then offer suggestions to be more active like going outside to play or jumping on the trampoline.

Unlock Game Play

Besides caring for a virtual pet, the iBitz PowerKey app allows kids to unlock game levels, apps, shows, and rewards. IBitz also offers custom prizes through Amazon, just like the GeoPalz walk to win system. We’ve combined gaming and technology with fitness and a healthy lifestyle in a way we think kids will love!

Think your little one would like this fitness product? Learn more about iBitz by GeoPalz on our Pinterest board.

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