Playing Soccer

The Motivation

We were tired of seeing our children glued to their TV and computer screens and trying to think of ways to motivate our children to get up and get active. We decided that if children could convert their activity into points that could be redeemed for free stuff they might get motivated to turn off the tube, get off the couch and get outside to play. In a perfect world their treadmills would power their TV’s and Computers but that’s a whole other story.

GeoPalz Designs

Parents can now form and track their entire families activity on GeoPalz. Either manual entry or automatic uploads from 3rd party recomended devices such as FitBit, Nike, Garmin, Polar, WiThings, DailyBurn and MapMyFitness parents can track steps, weight, height, calories burned and consumed for the entire family. Graphs allow the parents to easily see what percentile each child fits into for each category.

The Product

The Product

Currently GeoPalz use 3-D pedometers that tracks users' steps throughout the day. The steps are then logged onto the GeoPalz website using a user name and password. In the Fall 2011, GeoPalz will offer a tri-axis 3D Accelerometer with 21 days of storage and Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity tracking (MVPA).

The Website

The Website

At the end of each day a user logs their steps into the GeoPalz website and the steps are then converted into miles/points that can be redeemed for all sorts of physical prizes that will be shipped to your home as well as certificates that they can print and hang on their wall. Take the Tour

Weekly Email

Each Week GeoPalz sends an email to the parent with their child's progress. We include a graph to show how they are doing and if they are taking more or less steps on average. The emails also feature "Did you Know" data that you can use when talking with your child about the week's progress. For example, at the dinner table you could say "Did you know that you walked 28 miles this week? Did you know that's from Boulder to Denver? Good Job!"

Free Stuff

There are 3 types of free things that will be featured on the website:

  1. Activity based and Educational products like Baseball Equipment, Hacky Sacks, Frisbees, Golf Equipment, Soccer Balls, games etc. Parents need only pay shipping and handling.
  2. Certificates that displays their achievement in the miles they have accumulated, how many days in a row they have logged steps, etc. These Certificates are printed and displayed on the fridge or wall at home.
  3. Local Stores that want to give away prizes to GeoPalz users in their neighborhood, can contact us for this free program. These prizes will automatically appear on a user's prize wall if applicable, based on their proximity to the store.

Cash Incentitives are based on the reward system that a parent agrees to with a child. This could be in the form of cash cards from some of their favorite stores or in the form of points redeemable on their favorite online game. In this instance the prizes are paid for by the parent if they reach their goals.

If you already own a pedometer you can still participate by registering for a "free subscription" which gives you full access to the website but limits the prizes the can be rewarded with.

Walk to Win!

We have one simple message of "walk to win" but there are many meanings depending on the lens of the reader. Walk to win to a child means they get more free stuff with every step they take, to a parent it means a healthier happier life for their family, and to an educator it means finally having the ability to measure activity within a class, school or an entire school district which could be used for charitable donations or PEP Grants or federal funding.

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