Walk to Win!

GeoPalz is a fun, active game where you win free toys and awards just for tracking your steps!


Get a GeoPal

Every 3 months new GeoPalz will be available. When you buy GeoPalz, they will be your virtual guides on the site, give tips, advice and instructions! Visit Store

Log Steps

Log Steps

Wear your GeoPal and let it start counting your steps, then at the end of the day log them on GeoPalz.com to earn points.

Travel the World

Travel GeoPalz World

The steps you log, moves you further on the map of the GeoPalz world, where you can see upcoming prizes and awards.

Free Toys & Prizes

Earn Free Toys & Prizes

Every mile walked earns points. Trade points in for free gift cards and credits from Target, iTunes, REI, PlayStation, FarmVille, Club Penguin or trade them for goods like Hacky Sacks, Frisbees, Soccer Balls, games and more!

Awards & Trophies

Earn Awards

Steps you enter also unlock awards and certificates that can be printed and hung on the refrigerator or in your room!

Have Fun

Have Fun!!!

Wear your GeoPalz while you Run, walk, hike, play and have fun. That’s all you need to do to win free prizes and awards!

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