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We are excited to introduce you to GeoPalz “Walk to Win” donations platform. We developed this program to help schools and other charitable organizations raise money by getting kids and their families active. The new, healthy way to fundraise accepts pledges from donors in exchange for participants walking a required daily amount of steps to receive the money. This new donation platform will serve as an invaluable tool for promoting physical activity while raising those funds.

The donation platform is a user-friendly way to organize a fundraiser, with all donations, participants and goals tracked, managed and updated online through our website. Setup is simple and after an event is created, it can be easily found by participants to join, or by donors to pledge to the cause. Additionally, administrators of the event have the option to post updates regarding the total steps and goals to a designated Facebook page.

Most importantly, the GeoPalz donation platform keeps the focus on staying fit and active for the cause, rather than asking people to sell products or snacks door to door. After joining, participants select which GeoPalz pedometer they would like to receive to track their steps during the event. GeoPalz advances these devices for free to the organization to use for the event, and deducts the expense of the device at the end of the event. The participants can then continue to use GeoPalz pedometers after the event to earn free prizes and awards.

The traditional GeoPalz activity trackers are 3D Tri-Axis Accelerometers for the shoe that gauge MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity) for tracking a child’s daily activity. Steps are entered online through the GeoPalz online community to redeem a variety of prizes and awards. Through the donation platform, daily steps are tracked to work toward the overall mileage goal for redemption of pledged donations.

To get started simply click on one of the buttons on the left and follow the steps. You can also try out our calculator on the lower left to get an estimate of how many days, steps, or participants will be needed in order to raise your charities goals.

“We want to give schools a way to raise money while continuing to promote physical fitness to the students,” said Rich Schmelzer, CEO of GeoPalz, LLC. “Beyond schools, though, the donation platform can be used by any number of charitable organizations for healthy fundraising.”