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What are GeoPalz?

GeoPalz are pedometers using 3D Tri-Axis Accelerometers, designed for the shoe or hip, that gauge MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity) for tracking a child's daily activity. Each device features a unique design and kids earn points based on the overall steps/activity they have each day, and can redeem those points for prizes or time in the online arcade.

  • Each GeoPalz pedometer comes with its own unique code that the children use for their first time registration. This process is very simple and only has three screens for them to navigate through.
  • GeoPalz is the first activity tracker and online game that records your child’s physical activity by tracking steps throughout the day and encourages them to be active by tracking their steps online to win prizes, awards and online game time.
  • GeoPalz are intended for children primarily ages 5-12. Check all of the cool designs below.

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